Flex Miami provides the highest quality media production in the fitness industry.  Our full-service team specializes in all areas of fitness production including program development, casting, social media content & more.


We work within any budget to provide unique, powerful content for your brand.  Whether it’s fitness, mind body, nutrition or motivation, we are the one stop for all of your video production needs.



Professional video production allows hotels & resorts a chance to attract future guests.  Show off your finest room, showcase your services and excite their appetite for unique dining experiences. Make them feel like they're already there.

We help clients achieve something more powerful by elevating the brand’s image, creating desire and helping viewers visualize their escape. Let us transform your hotel or resort into an exciting destination.



Your social media profile or website is often the first introduction potential customers have to your food.

High quality content production of your dishes and restaurant atmosphere can make a world of difference, capturing a unique edge over your competitors.


Tyler Collins


Christian Melendez

Flex Miami is built to satisfy the growing need for content marketing expertise.  We provide our clients with unique and professional video production that delivers results time and time again.
We strive to bring expertise in every dimension of digital imaging, marketing production and creative services.
Whether you have a big idea or need inspiration for a project, we are here to create the perfect video for your needs.  
From concept to creation, let us inspire you!